February 19, 2020 1 min read

Klickitat Basketry

Basketry was a true form of expression for the women of the Klickitat tribe. “They spoke with their hands and made their deepest inner thoughts come to life,” says Jane Gargas of the Yakima Herald.

Baskets were made from hemp, corn husk and bark and the technique used could take years to perfect. Women would coil the baskets with bear grass and cedar root to create imagery on the baskets. Storage bags and flat purses were also made and had glass bead designs to add to their beauty.

Edward Curtis made sure to include photographs of baskets, purses, bags, utensils and other handmade goods in “The North American Indian.” In volume 7, Curtis writes about his visits with the Klickitat tribe, and included, is the photo above titled “Klickitat Basketry.”