Once payment has been received, we will ship Second Day Air by UPS. You will receive an email with tracking information.

Many of the plates have an archival print that Curtis made from the copper plate.
Simply email karen@curtisgallery or call The Curtis Gallery at 831-920-1405. We will be happy to answer any questions or discuss additional purchasing options.

As an added value to our collectors, we have included another option for the background color of your piece. Simply remove the back of the framed piece (You will need a screwdriver) and replace the black mat background with the off-white mat included within the framing.

.Any untreated copper will oxidize naturally. The surface may appear to turn dark red or burgundy. To clean your Photogravure Plate and bring back its full luster, you will need to remove it from the frame.

1. To do so, turn the frame face down onto a soft and firm surface. Remove the screws that hold the inner frame with a Phillips screwdriver.

2. Once the screws are removed, you can pull out the inner frame and the black and white mats.

3. You can now remove the two middle layers of acrylic (with the copper plate mounted to it) and leave the front acrylic piece in the frame. (Do not remove the front acrylic piece!) The Photogravure Plate is mounted to the back layer of acrylic to prevent it from shifting in the center acrylic cut out window, because of its weight.   Do not touch the Photogravure Plate with your exposed hand at any time, but with vinyl or similar gloves being the suggested hand cover.

4. Place the acrylic layers with the plate face up on a soft but firm surface. Take the layer of acrylic that surrounds the plate off and put it aside for now.

5. Put paper or blue painter’s tape around the edges of the Photogravure Plate to prevent scratching or dirtying the acrylic layer to which it is mounted.  Buff the plate with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.   If the plate requires more cleaning, the Curtis Gallery can advise in the continued maintenance of these Photogravure Plates. Do not use water or other cleaning products as these may accelerate the oxidation process.

6. Once the plate is cleaned and buffed to the original shine, replace the acrylic that surrounds the plate (note proper orientation) and slip them both back into the frame, followed by the mats and inner frame. Screw the inner frame back into the black outer frame.

We believe that the framed plates are a beautiful way of displaying the plates and a great way to protect it. However, we will be happy to remove the frame for you and ship it unframed if you determine that is what you want for your display purposes.

Each copper plate and archival print are indeed authentic and a Certificate of Authenticity will be included with every purchase. If you have additional questions, please call for more information.

The acrylic we have chosen is UV protected and scratch resistant for your benefit and will serve to protect your piece for decades if treated with a bit of care. To dust the acrylic and frame, we suggest you use a clean, dry cloth.

The photogravure plates were produced from Edward Curtis’ original photographs taken between 1898 and late 1920’s. They are no longer being produced, so you will have a unique, one of a kind collector’s item. No two are the same, and this is the only one anywhere in the world.